Affirming Life – A Daily Meditation

Affirming Life

A  loving book of affirmations created to help reprogram non-life-affirming thoughts, negative core beliefs, and realign you to your authentic self.  It provides a foundation to create good feelings throughout your emotional body that will align you to your Truth as you set forth to become a more deliberate co-creator. When used daily it helps keep you out of the red zones of worry, fear, and doubt and reminds you of the powerful Oneness of your Being.

It is designed to jump start your daily practice of conscious intending leading you to become more and more aware of just how powerful You Really Are.

Affirming Life-A Daily Meditation is an out-loud, joyous practice to be done with energy and enthusiasm. It is created to get you excited about life and anchor happy feelings and joyful thoughts into the deepest parts of your subconscious mind and emotional body. In doing this mediation you are building several metaphysical muscles: faith, commitment, focus, and intention.

Take time now to get committed, motivated, and excited about doing this daily practice and begin your new intention of Affirming Life!

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