You Are Not Alone

by Sheree L. Ross

Not one of us is in this world is by themselves, not even if we sit in a cave all of our lives.  Yet all too often the world can project to us a lonely isolating place.

The only way to break the cycle of isolation is to break the habit of hiding. Hiding your fears, differences, shame, inadequacies, doubts and/or your guilty feelings.
Everything is right with you, right now in this second. Maybe you’re not at your best and wish things could change. Maybe things have never been worse, yet despite this there is truly no other point in time where you could rather be; you have arrived, based on the lessons you have to heal and learn, exactly where you are supposed to be.
Our lessons towards – the peace that lies within – are in the events and people around us.  This journey is the breath of our existence, so let people into your world. They won’t always be agreeable but neither will you. Take the highs and lows in stride and learn to be a valued friend as well. It makes for good practice in being kinder to yourself.
Isolation is not contemplation of which we all need. Tell the people in your life what you need, love them unconditionally, forgive them easily and always remember that you never have to be without love.