You Must Desire it!

by Sheree L. Ross

Whatever it is you want you must desire it first.  I know all to well what it is like to spend lots of worry and stress time trying to will something into my life, for all of the wrong reasons…and those reasons would be something along the lines of – to impress someone else, to feel better about myself because of what I have versus who I am…I think you get the picture.  And the real rub is when no matter who much I try it never shows up.

After years of doing this futile act I have finally discovered why.  Because I really and truly didn’t desire the thing I’d spent all of that time trying to attract.  Nope.  What I really wanted was the feeling of the thing.  In fact, if I spent anytime in my heart at all I would have seen how much I knew the thing wasn’t really going to be the solution (at all) and that with my right hand I was trying to pull it towards me and with my left hand (and foot) I was working even harder to push it away.

My higher and smarter self knew  it would be just like all of the other things I’d paid for or been given that I didn’t know I didn’t really want.  Just another thing to manage, be responsible for,  feel guilty about giving away or getting rid of.  Know why you want something and know that the only way to manifest it is to truly desire it!