A Single Step

by Sheree L. Ross

We all have heard the idea that a journey begins with a single step, but in today’s ‘do it today and get it today’s’ society it can be hard to hear this when we feel the world is leaving us behind in a youth led sprint.

The thing to remember in all of this is perspective.  I talk to people all of the time that joke about their perceived luck.  Most will tell you that they have worked hard, sacrificed much, and only when they come out on top do we even bother to look their way.  And when we do we call it, good fortune, luck or being well connected.  And though all of these things may play a part, what I know of these people is that they consistently put one foot in front of the other, trusted in their own abilities, gave the hard stuff to a higher power, and ultimately believed that their efforts would bring them something good and often better than what they had imagined.

Keep the faith, take the steps, don’t concern yourself with what others may think and believe in your dream, your journey and yourself.