About Sheree L. Ross

Sheree L. Ross

Sheree Ross is an award winning American screenwriter born in the Midwest, with deep southern roots. She is black, female, queer…and her stories often reflect the strong, flawed nature of the black southern queer woman whether through action, drama, mystery or comedy. She was a Second Round finalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival with her original pilot Kingdom and a quarterfinals in Fresh Voices Screenwriters Competition  2018-2019 with her lesbian romcom Accidental Hearts. She is also an award winning Director, Exective Producer and founder of the popular social media platform Women Filmmakers of Color @womenfilmofcolr.


A Single Step

We all have heard the idea that a journey begins with a single step, but in today’s ‘do it today and get it today’s’ society it can be hard to hear this when we feel the world is leaving us behind in a youth led sprint.

The thing to remember in all of this is perspective.  I talk to people all of the time that joke about their perceived luck.  Most will tell you that they have worked hard, sacrificed much, and only when they come out on top do we even bother to look their way.  And when we do we call it, good fortune, luck or being well connected.  And though all of these things may play a part, what I know of these people is that they consistently put one foot in front of the other, trusted in their own abilities, gave the hard stuff to a higher power, and ultimately believed that their efforts would bring them something good and often better than what they had imagined.

Keep the faith, take the steps, don’t concern yourself with what others may think and believe in your dream, your journey and yourself.

Know Your Outcome

Many teachers and personal development gurus alike all emphasize one thing when it comes to getting consistent success in life.  That first thing that you must do is know your outcome.  Define it precisely.  Live it, breathe it.  Be able to see it in your mind’s eye, feel the results of having it in your body and then focus only on that outcome until you see it come to fruition in your reality.  There is a big element of faith in this process as well as commitment, but the big step is after you get all of this in your mind and body, then to truly have it you must let it go.  That’s right. You must let go of the what, when, who and how.  By doing this you hand it over to your Higher Source.  Then you get to enjoy the ride, for life is a journey my friends!

New Beginnings

“There is a current that runs through everything.  It exists throughout the Universe, and it exists throughout All-That-Is.  It is the basis of the Universe, and it is the basis of your physical world.”

You can feel if you are allowing your full connection to Source energy or not, the better you feel the more you are allowing this connection.  You are a ‘Vibrational Being’, once you truly understand this then you will begin the conscious act of deliberate creating.

Excerpted from Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Letting Go

When wanting, craving and desiring are released, there emerges the feeling of being with the exact moment so that each moment is complete and total in itself.  Because of its completeness, it can be stopped at any second with no feeling of loss.  In a very high state energy of joyousness and blissfulness, there is no feeling of loss.

From Healing and Recovery by Dr. David R. Hawkins

Our Best Teachers

“Our parents, our children, our spouses, and our friends will continue to press every button we have, until we realize what it is that we don’t want to know about ourselves, yet.  They will point us to our freedom every time.”

Excerpt from Loving What Is by Byron Katie


A Vague Trace

Soul gave me this box of emptiness.

What I say is one truth I know.

I go to neither side of any argument. I

stay in the center letting explanations

rise from failure, this weeping witness

face, this saffron tulip, a vague trace.

Whoever understands me like Saladin

does, this is for you, this opening.

by: Rumi

Steps to Change

You have to get uncomfortable and live and learn in that discomfort if your life is ever to truly change. Faith and trusting in your higher Source are the keys.

yes Yes YES!

ThePOWERofYes!  Is to say YES! to everything in your life.  It is to KNOW that Universal Source energy, often referred to as God, always says Yes! to your words and your desires.  GOD is not a conditional Source of judgment.  God is an unconditional Source of love.  No conditions means NO CONDITIONS!!!!

Say YES! to yourself and Who You Really Are in everything you do.  Your dreams are important.  YOU are important. LOVE yourself any chance you get.  You DESERVE love from yourself .  Hold your TRUE self in the highest esteem always.  YES!