The Power of Yes!

Easy. Does It.

AngelHawk with thumbThe most powerful three words you can practice.



imageIs not knowing where the journey will lead you, but taking it anyway.

Unwavering Focus…


Allows the dream or idea to flower into full, glorious manifestation.

Only Let In…

The Power

People, places and things that can only find the bad and the wrong in your process.  We all need nurturing support to grow. Anything less just will not do.

Being of Service

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and hustle of networking, job seeking, lead generating, and trying to market yourself or your business 24/7.  Yet how often do you stop and think about what kind of value you are bringing to the table?  Try something different.  Ask yourself a new question as you begin tomorrow, rather than who is going to buy your product/service or hire you today, ask how can you be of service?  Then watch the world around you become more abundant and generous to you in return.




When It’s Not Working

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~ Confucius


Some things in life are just lessons.  They are not meant to become successes or the next great thing.  They are just there to help us grow into what we are actually asking for.



Today’s The Day!

To give it all away. Your cares, worries, fears, struggles and pain. Make room for the new. It’s time!




Feelings, emotions, attitude, mood…they all are powerful engines that animate the wanted and the unwanted visions in of our minds.  Choose where your mind and spirits dwell wisely.




You’ve Got The Power

It is time for you to take back claim and control of your thoughts and attention.  You have complete dominion over your Universe.  Cause and effect are ONE. They cannot be separated and are never one without the other. YOU ARE ALWAYS CAUSE.  When you desire a change, do not spend time trying to correct the effect.  Go inside yourself and heal the cause.